2 Line Dhoka Shayari In Hindi

Dhoka Shayari (धोखा शायरी)- बेहतरीन और चुनिंदा शायरी का संग्रह जो की धोखा शब्द को बहुत ही शानदार तरीके से वर्णित करता है !! यहाँ आप हर तरह की शायरी को पढ़ सकते है और अपने चाहने वालो को शेयर कर सकते है !!

Betrayal quotes can help us remember our friend who betrayed us. Do you have a friend who recently betrayed you? You trusted your friend so much and it hurts when you know that you have been betrayed by him/her. It very sad when the friend you love the most is the one who breaks your heart. You had beautiful memories together, sharing the laughter as well as the sadness. But suddenly the friendship has gone after the betrayal. You cannot trust him/her anymore because you are afraid that he/she will hurt you again.

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Every one got dhokha inlove but you did not know how to tell some one that I got dhokha in love. This dhokha shayaris can tell what you feel from your heart.It brings suffering and pain and causes untold misery to them. These verses would take you closer to this experience.

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इस पेज में बेहतरीन धोखा शायरी दिए गये हैं.इन शायरी को जरूर पढ़े और दोस्तों के साथ शेयर करें.