Friendship Quotes

Friendship is a special kind of love. And a true friend is hard to find. So when you do find one, hang on tight, don't let go and remind that friend every once in a while how much he or she means to you. Good friends share in our greatest moments of life. They laugh with us and they cry with us.  They celebrate with us and they grieve with us.  It is impossible to count the times a good friend has shared in your fun or has just been there walking alongside you through the storm. 
Friendships teach us many things in life — to see loss, how to find peace with the people closes to us. Having someone as a best friend is a beautiful experience to cherish.

Having great friends to share your life with is a gift like no other… After all, friends are the family you choose.  The world is a better place when you have found the people who make up your friendship circle! Enjoy inspirational, insightful and funny and famous quotes on Friends and Friendship.

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