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Feel The Words is the online source of Quotes, Scripture, Shayari , Poetry and Anmol Vachan.

Feel The Words is the online source of Quotes,
Scripture, Shayari , Poetry and Anmol Vachan.

Words are written on subjects like relations, emotions, love and society by various great poets and authors of all type of network

Since the start of Feel The Words we focused on delivering rich and evergreen content that make readers feel so close to their heart and like their own real life story and they can inspire others to with the help of words.

Based in India, Feel The Words has an international reader base, attracted by big content database with rich content, user-friendly design, status for superiority and worth of contribution.

Feel The Words is constantly adding new and unique quotes, poems, shayari, anmolvachan which make users to visit back over and over again.

Why FeelTheWords.com?

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We are bigger and better. Our collection spans shayari from the most brilliant minds in love, entertainment and comedy and everything in between. From prominent historical figures to heroes of the modern age, our database of shayaris is as comprehensive as diverse.

FeelTheWords.com is more than a stagnant, lifeless list of shayaris. With information on the personality behind the saying, along with background and context, FeelTheWords.com enables the reader to appreciate the meaning and insights on a deeper level. It opens up avenues of interpretation and allows each individual to take away something of value. We provide variations, historical significance and even trivia for each shayari, enriching your visit to our site every time.

We believe in user engagement. From first click to last, we have designed FeelTheWords.com to give the user the most intuitive, interactive experience. Along with trivia and interesting anecdotes, we also have one of the largest collections of exclusive picture shayaris.

Quality Control

At FeelTheWords.com, we believe quotes, shayaris and anmolvachan are borne from wisdom, and we give them the respect they deserve. Unlike many of our competitors, we like to think of ourselves as more than an online database of quotes and shayaris. We value authenticity and accuracy, as evident in our in-house team of eagle-eyed editors at the ready to catch discrepancies. We don’t import from unknown sources or less-than-reputable websites. Nothing we do is offhanded.

We are an interactive community. We encourage contributions from our readers, allowing users to share their enthusiasm for quotes and shayaris with likeminded individuals from all over the world. At FeelTheWords.com, we are proud of our service, and we strive to uphold the integrity of great quotes and shayaris.