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Jokes are always read for laughing and removing tension, and we keep sharing Hindi Jokes on social sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, we resort to Chutkule/Jokes to laugh at someone and for this Jokes is a very good way.

In today's such Busy Life, we have less time and we get involved in some work every day and that is why we have brought Hindi Ke Chutkule for you. We can take the help of Majedar Jokes to relieve our tension .

As you all know today's online has become online, we have fun on social media: keep sharing the Hindi Ke Jokes with your friends. Here you will find all kinds of Funny Jokes in Hindi which you can share in Social Media and you can also enjoy them. You will find absolutely the latest Jokes in our Post.

Jokes हमेशा से ही हँसने और तनाव को दूर करने के लिए पढ़े जाते है, और हम Social Sites जैसे WhatsApp, Facebook, पर Hindi Jokes Share करते रहते है, किसी को हँसाने के लिए हम Chutkule का सहारा लेते है और इसके लिए Jokes एक बहुत ही अच्छा तरीका है।

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In this article You will get here funniest Jokes, Jokes in Hindi sources with Pictures/images, फनी जोक्स.. Not only this but also you can get Best WhatsApp fun, Funny Pictures, Funny SMS, Husband Wife & Kids & Santa Banta Chutkule.

“Laughing is the best medicine in this world.” Always laugh… Stay Healthy…

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बाबूराव : ऐ राजू… आज मेरी कुत्ती ने अंडा दिया…
राजू : ये कुत्ती कब...